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Welcome Allegiance Bank Customers

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 201-823-0700 or visit your local branch Customer Service Representative for more information.







































  Internet Banking FAQ

What happens to my internet banking with Allegiance?
Please visit www.bcbcommunitybank.com home page to sign up for Internet Banking with BCB. We ask that you bring the signed application in to your nearest branch or fax it to 201-243-3535. The applications can be completed any time after March 1, 2012. We cannot activate your new Internet Banking log-on prior to Monday, March 26, 2012. By March 27, 2012, so long as it is within 48 hours of receiving your signed application, you will be able to view your accounts, process transfers and set up bill pay.

Can I use the same sign on as my Allegiance online banking or must I create a new sign on and password?
You can request the same sign on you are using now and it will be granted if it is available. You may use any password that complies with the security parameters.

Can I view my Allegiance history after I sign up for BCB Community Bank internet banking?
You will have access to history on your Allegiance Internet Banking until the end of March 2012. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 201-823-0700, or your local branch number, to speak to a Customer Care Representative. BCB Community Bank's internet banking site will only have account history from March 26, 2012 on.

How far back will my history go after I sign up for BCB Community Bank internet banking?
You will only be able to see the history from the date of the conversion which is March 26, 2012.


Will my Allegiance ATM card still work after the merger?
Allegiance Community Bank card holders will be receiving new ATM/Debit Cards by March 15, 2012 that may be activated beginning March 21, 2012 at 6pm.

Will I still have the same pin number for the ATM?
No, when you receive the new Debit Card you will receive a pin number separately in the mail. If you wish to change the pin number you can visit anyone in Customer Service to fill out a form to change the pin or a BCB ATM terminal to make the change personally.

General FAQ

Will my account number be the same as before?
Deposit account numbers will be the same. Loan account numbers will be altered slightly, customers will receive notices at least 15 days prior to loans due date.

Do I need to purchase new checks or have my passbook changed?
Checks will still be routed through for several months, but it is advised that you order new checks; your branch's tellers will supply you with a new passbook when presented.

If I have checks that are still outstanding will they still be paid if they get cashed after the merger date?
Yes, outstanding checks will be paid for several months after.

I get direct deposit into my account (Payroll/SSI/Pension, ect.), do I need to notify them of any changes to my account?
You may need to contact the depositor and give them the new routing number which is 021213520.

Will my Savings/Time Deposit rate change after the merger?
Savings rates will remain the same. Time Deposit rates will remain for the duration of their certificate and then rolled into current market rates if left as is.

Business FAQ

I have a business account in which I do remote capture what changes will happen after the merger?
A new agreement will need to be completed, please contact a business development officer for more details.

Phone Banking FAQ

Has the FastBanking number changed changed?
The new FastBanking phone number is 866-823-0700, the access code is 229 and the user ID will be your Social Security number. Please follow the prompts to add your password and accounts. If you have any problems please call 201-823-0700, or your local branch number, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for banking with BCB Community Bank.

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